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CRCII 2015 Meeting Schedule            New Meetings Announced!



Wednesday, April 15th

Location ;  Jon-Don Chicago,   400 Medinah Rd, Roselle IL

Topic;   Marble Floor Cleaning & Restoration

With the popularity of natural stone floors, more and more homes and business are installing marble floors. Due to its popularity the demand for companies to maintain them has grown. If you are looking for a profitable diversification come and watch Bob Merkt as he walks you through the basic procedures for polishing marble floors. He will actually polish a marble floor using diamond honing and polishing pads. You will witness him take a dull, worn floor that is visually unattractive and restore it to its natural beauty. Upon completion of the hands-on demonstration you will have the basic skills needed to actually go out and polish a marble floor. Yes, it’s just that easy. With today’s state-of-the-art, easy to use honing and polishing pads and systems it’s a natural diversification for many cleaning companies. By attending this workshop, and a little practice, you could be that company your customers are looking for!

Dinner:  Pizza and Soft Drinks/Water

Wednesday, February 18th

Sponsored and Hosted by:

Location ;  Oscar Isberian Rugs,   1028 Chicago Ave, Evanston ,IL  60202

Topic;   "Unraveling the Mysteries of Oriental/Handmade rugs"

            Oscar & Sarkis Tatosian  will discuss the types of Oriental rugs, care & cautions, in cleaning as well as other related information pertaining to fine handmade rugs.  A tour of their plant and showroom will also be available.

Oscar Isberian Rugs was established  in 1920. They are leading dealer in fine handmade rugs. Their years of experience and wealth of knowledge in this area of our industry will make this meeting great resource and referral for your business.

Menu;   Armenian Buffet,  Wine, Beer, Soft drinks.

Thursday/Friday, February 19th/20th

Hosted by


Instructor:  Bill Yeadon

This class qualifies for 2 IICRC CEC's

This Class will cover SFS principles geared toward marketing your business for profitability in 2015. 


Day 1

8:00-9:15- (SFS Principles) The Good, the Bad AND the Ugly of our Cleaning Industry

The “Good”- Fantastic business IF “you do it right” which leads us to…

The “Bad”- Goods vs. services (services are at best a “tolerated irritation” plus the extra

challenges of working “on-location” where people feel “trapped, invaded, hostile”, etc…

The “Ugly”- Going through life “owning a job”. Instead, “beginning with the end in mind” and

“avoiding the Road In-Between”.

Also cover the need to build “toll booths” and get more than one leg of the stool

The “80% Principle”/ Customer Eyeglasses

Cheerleaders/ Value Added Service

Exceeding Expectations/ Moments of Truth

Service Circle/ Service Systems

9:15-10:00 Marketing: Start with Why

You have certainly heard in every marketing class that you need a “unique selling proposition” (USP) but in this industry it is really difficult to come up with one. I will give you a different way to look at this and this will also help you to find employees who have long term in their plans.

10:00-10:15 BREAK

10:15-11:00 –So Your Phone Is Ringing. GREAT! Now What???

 Alternatives to the old “forward it to my cell phone” on the job.

 WHY customers ask “How much?” on the phone

 HOW to “detour them” and seldom lose a phone call

 The Jon-Don “2-way Phone Script”

 A review of your Jon-Don “pre-inspection” script for a carpet or tile cleaning job

11:00-12:00 -– Value Added Service and WHY it will help you become wealthy

Answering “Unspoken Questions” with “Unspoken Answers”



12:45-1:30 -Step by step through a residential job

Moments of Truth checklist

1:30-3:00- A look at all of the marketing tools available (what works and what doesn’t)

3:00--3:15- Break

3:15-4:00-How to sell Scotchgard and additional services (deodorization) while you are there?

Why “re-applying Scotchgard will bring you “obscene profits”- a look at the numbers.

Your killer “in-home” Scotchgard presentation

 “Scotchgard Success Checklist

4:00-4:10 BREAK

4:10-5:00 – Hub Marketing, it is better to have 20 referral sources giving you one job as opposed to one giving you 20 jobs.

Day Two

8:00-10:00 - Building Commercial “Toll Booths”- Hands On: How to Price and Develop Commercial Maintenance programs.

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15 – Noon- Analyzing Your “Diversification Options” Which services are going to bring profits and which are going to bring headaches.

12:00-12:45 LUNCH

12:45-1:30 equipment demos for diversification options

1:45-4: 00 -Your Marching Orders: Creating Your Personal Marketing Plan and Marketing Calendar

This 2 day seminar at Jon-Don is specially priced for CRCII members at $250; non-members $399 or join & save $54! Seating is limited for this event.

Pre-Payment and registration are required for this event. 

Call Tammy @ 847-579-1884 to prepay with credit card. 

2014 Meetings:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Sponsored & Hosted by;


Meeting Location:

Universal Restoration Service

390 Holbrook Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090


Menu:  Italian Beef, Pasta, Salad. 



1st Presentation- Facility walk through, Building relationships with Cleaners and contractors/referral for CRCII members.

2nd Presentation- Nu-Way Systems will demonstrate how to spot dye carpet and other services Nu-Way can provide CRCII members.




August 20,2014


Sponsored by;

 Basic Coatings


Hosted by Jon-Don 

Meeting location


Menu; TBA



Mark Vick, Josh Frink

Demo of solutions & equipment  for residential wood floor care for the professional cleaner.


For more information, or to register for any of these meetings or membership, please contact Tammy at the CRCII office at 847-579-1884.

October 15, 2014

Round Table Meeting

Bring your Questions, Problems and Ideas

Help direct the Future of the CRCII and learn from your fellow professionals

Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss Marketing, Management, Mechanics or what you want from your CRCII!


Riggio's Italian Restaurant

7530 W Oakton St. Niles, IL


Business Meeting/Dinner: 6:00pm

Round Table Discussion:  6:30pm

December 17, 2014

Jeff Cross presents

Social Media

the ABC's for Beginners… and the XYZ’s for the Experienced

This presentation covers the gamut of what you, as carpet cleaning and restoration business owners and marketing managers, must know about social media and reaching a brand new audience… that’s right, we’re speaking of customers who have money to spend. Sure, you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and all the others, but do you take full advantage of the huge reach you can have into your marketplace? Doing social media “right” means you must think outside the box (sorry for the cliché) and get really creative. That’s what Jeff Cross, executive editor of Cleanfax and the administrator of Totally Booked University, will share with you at this dinner meeting.


Jon-Don Chicago

400 Medinah Rd

Roselle, IL


Presentation:  4:00pm

Dinner/Business Meeting 7:00pm

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